16-18 September / Los Angeles

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About Gamers Convention

Gamers Convention is a premier event for gaming enthusiasts worldwide. This convention showcases the latest in gaming technology, tournaments, and industry insights. Founded by avid gamers Alex and Sarah, the convention has become a must-attend for both casual players and professional gamers alike.

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9:00 PM
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Immerse yourself in thrilling competitions, experience cutting-edge technology, and interact with fellow gaming enthusiasts.

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Featured Presenters and Hosts

Ryan Smith

Ryan is a professional eSports player with years of experience competing at the highest levels.

Emma Young

Emma is a renowned gaming commentator known for her insightful analysis and engaging commentary.

Max Cooper

Max is a game developer and industry insider with a passion for pushing the boundaries of gaming technology.

Sophie Lee

Sophie is an influential gaming content creator, sharing her gaming experiences and insights with a global audience.

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Brilliant Minds Behind Gamers Convention

Alex Johnson

Alex is a seasoned gamer and entrepreneur dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for gaming enthusiasts.

Sarah Williams

Sarah is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation in the gaming industry, driving the success of Gamers Convention.

Mark Davis

Mark is a tech enthusiast and event management expert, contributing his skills to make Gamers Convention a global phenomenon.

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